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   Silver Jubilee Preparation


I. Agenda Topics

Silver Jubilee of JNV Vaishali - How to go ahead with preparation of silver jubilee

II. Basic Points

Silver jubilee will be celebrated as "Tribute to Teachers"


1. Date To be finalized
       a. Time Line - 25th Sep , 2014
       b. Dedicated team - The team will coordinate with school staff and will check the
           availability of teachers and date would be announced accordingly.


2. Information about Students and teachers
       a. Time Line - 20th Sep , 2014
       b. Info required : Proper format will be provided to get the data . however basic info
           required to contact frequently

c. Batch co-ordinator to be formed.

3. Item for the day
       a. Time LIne  - 15th Oct , 2014
       b. Dedicated team - A group to be formed to draft basic activity for the entered day prog which include felicitation of teachers and intro section from student and teachers.  
       c. Few points already discussed - Short video with past memories , Plnatation on the name of losses from JNV , Distribution of Printed T-shirt

4.    Transportation/Accomodation
    a. Time Line - 30th Sep , 2014
    b. Dedicated team - Dedicated team to be formed which will take care :
          - Informing to all teachers about event
         - Their accomodatation arrangement
         - Co-ordination with school staff about accomodation

5. Finance and logistic team
       - Dedicated team to be formed for the respective requirment .

6. Creative team
      - This team will bring creativity for the item of the day and suggest improvment
        to make it grand success.


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06 Sep 2014, 06:19

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