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  • Silver Jubilee Celebration - Distribution of work among different team

    Post Date:- 04 Oct 2014, 18:12

    We have logically group together different work and called as team , so we need to form different team to form and how different team will co-ordinate with each other.
    Have prepared rough sheet about different team ..which is required to be formed to make it more organized.
    We will have team member , leader of the team , back-up plan for each team member. Apart from that , we will have crisis teamů.and you know what this team will do .

    Information team

    a) Inform all students by call , check their availability
    b) Inform all teachers by call and check their availability
    c) Inform transportation team to book the tickets
    d) Make sure , everyone recieve Invitation card

    Social Media team
    a) Give updated information to all people present on social media
    b) Alumni website management ( admin)

    Silver Jubilee magazine team
    a) Overall responsibility of magazine
    b) Co-ordinator of batch co-ordinator for magazine
    c) Design work
    d) Decision about content of the magazine
    e) Send the article for proof reading

    Transportation team
    a) Overall responsibilitty of all transport arrangement
    b) Book train ticket and Inform PNR info to Information team
    c) Check availability of personal vehicle
    d) Arrange required number of cab

    Cultural prog team
    a) Arrange a schedule of activity for the event to entertain people
    b) Be in tocuh with Music teacher about participation of students
    c) Collect item required to purchase different item for different activity
    d) To check school band , which will be sued to welcome guest
    e) To check the arrangement of different items on stage required
    f) Arrangement of musical night which will be kind of D.J
    g) Mimicry related things
    h) Prayer , songs related info - which prayer/songs at what time ?

    Event management
    a ) Overall responsibility of the event
    b) Be in touch with different group to have updated info to make
    it sucess and should have co-ordination with other team
    c) Food and accomodattion arrangement
    d) All poster , banner , badges - all printing related item
    e) Invitation card printing
    f) Arrangement of welcome bouquet
    g) Arrangement of registeration table for different batch
    h) Arrangement of different stall for Carrier orinted talk
    i) Should have different co-ordinator for different main work on day of event
    j) Tree plantattion activity and should make sure that purposes solve for long term
    k) List of teachers and student who are going to address on stage and their order
    l) Overall responsibility of photography and videography . Timing for group photographs
    M) Arrangement of socializing with ex teacher ,campus walking activity etc

    Finance team

    a) Overall responsibility of fund raising activity
    b) Be in touch with different team to provide money for their required work
    c) Maintain balanse sheet of all money involved

    Creative group
    a) Give input to associate more people
    b) Check positive and negative aspect of differet people
    c) Give input to social media team ..how to proceed ,what information to be posted
    d) Design of Invitation card

    Mementoes team
    a) Think about customized mementoes for all teachers
    b) Overall responsibility to distribute printed-Tshirt etc
    c) Purchase of all mementoes
    d) Prepare list of 40 students from different batch
    e) Felicitattion of special guest

    Games and sports
    a) Overall responsibility of all games and sports activity
    b) Participation list for all games in advance so that proper arragement
    c) In tocuh with P.E.T teacher to have judges , umpire ,scorer
    and related items info for all games.
    d) Timing adjustment for all games which should match with main plan
    e) To have all item related to games ready and checked
    f) Proper arrangement of spectators
    g) announcment and prizes related activity

    Sales team
    a) To sale the magazine space
    b) Advertisement for stage

    Crisis team
    To help other team in need