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  • Lower Court orders Navodaya to give admission to the boy even though he failed in entrance test

    Post Date:- 31 Dec 2012, 13:06

    A boy aged 11, Krishan Kumar Jha has filed a case against Navodaya Vidyalaya for not giving admission to him !
    In September 2011, Krishan, through his father Pradeep Kumar Jha, a trader, filed a case against the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, the education ministry and the Centre. Krishan's argument in the court was that he was competent for admission in Class VI in any school but they chose Jawahar Navodaya as it was located near their house. And as per the RTE Act he ought to get admission since this is his fundamental right.

    Krishan's petition says “It is very clearly stated in the law that all children should get the opportunity to study in a school near to his home so that every child can be educated. It also states that a student cannot be denied education in any school. Navodaya disregarded all these rules in denying the admission,”.

    The court judge Ajay Pandey announced its verdict on 3rd December saying “The plaintiff (Krishan) has a fundamental and civil right to get admitted into the state-run education institution in his nearby locality. In the facts and circumstances, the plaintiff is entitled to admission in the school,”. The Judge has asked the school authorities to admit Krishan immediately.

    The district judge said the child had taken the correct step by approaching the court to ensure that his fundamental rights were not violated. “A minor had to look to a court of law to get his right to education. For this, his education suffered for six months. To get admission in the VIth standard, a child need not have some special qualifications. But despite that, the school played with the future of the child. Now, the school should admit him without any further delay,” judge Pandey said.
    The Joint Commissioner, Administration of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Mr. Alok Verma said, "I have no idea about the case. The only thing I can say is that no child has ever been denied admission in our schools if he met the criteria set for admission. Every student is admitted on merit and if this child has been denied a seat in the school, that means he has not qualified on merit. There is nothing personal or political about it. There is absolutely no question of any discrimination,”. However, Krishan’s fight is not over yet. “The court cannot tell us what to do. We will appeal in the higher court,” Verma said.